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Instiki Installation

Official Page(external link)

On Debian testing and Ubuntu Edgy

$ sudo apt-get install ruby ruby1.8-dev rubygems swig libsqlite3-ruby1.8 flex bison

Download and untar the itex2MML(external link) distribution. Then

% cd /usr/share/instiki
% cd itexToMML/itex-src
% make ruby
% make test_ruby
% sudo make install_ruby

$ apt-get install python bzr

Downloading Instiki

% bzr branch http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/~distler/code/instiki/svn/(external link) /usr/share/instiki/instiki


Updating your installation is as simple as cd‘ing to the Instiki directory and doing a

% bzr pull

% cd instiki-svn
% ./instiki --daemon

Point your web browser at http://localhost:2500(external link) and start configuring your first wiki! (Be sure to select the “Markdown+itex2MML” filter, which is the default setting for this branch of Instiki.)